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Trying to classify humor is a ridiculous matter for that reason that it is either humor or not. A lot of things depend on who was told a joke, in what time, under what circumstances and in what kind of a place. There are even specific rules that can help create a funny thing either by following or violating them. The most important thing is to feel through the joke as humor is a vulnerable matter going along with intuition.

There are several laughter rules any joke is based on.

  1. Jokes must be new and up to the time we live in.

  2. Any other joke should start with some paradox.

  3. The joke must be a topical one regarding to the audience.

Theoretically people you are trying to make laugh have to laugh three times over your joke and each consequent piece of laughter should be much harder than the previous ones. If it is impossible then it is much better to stop when the joke reaches its climax.

An inner rhythmic should be also present in a good joke. This way it is much easier to perceive and memorize. Generally speaking, a good laugh getter is a poem written and told in prose.

It is certainly difficult to stick to any rules trying to create a jest as the majority of them most probably were performed randomly and intuitively however these rules can be followed while improving that joke till it is perfect.

There are several methods to create gags; the most popular one is to carry a situation to the nonsense and absurdity. A lot of large companies used to follow this technique promoting their products. It also a very risky way because the audience my response your joke in an absolutely unpredictable way.

Another one is parody, although not really popular in advertisements there are certainly good examples of it. For instance, using a secret agent theme to promote a shampoo or a perfume.

Dark humor arouses an unpredictable impression as well and that is why it remains unpopular within the ads creators. The good thing about it is that if such type of a joke sounds funny to the audience then it becomes a pure victory over people’s appreciation.

Background music is one of the most important means to affect the result of a funny ad. It stresses out the dialogues and even replaces them showing the characters’ emotions without a single word. Depending on the correctness of a music track following the conversation an advertisement will be either a success or a fail. By the way, а the music stops in a certain moment of an action it will help concentrate the attention of audience to the preferred part of a joke.

Speechless playing is another kind of an effective way to make people watching TV laugh. Actors can play so funny that there would be a need in words in the whole ad clip and the audience will appreciate it.

Ads that make people laugh are definitely an efficient way to capture people’s trust on a certain product. Laughter is what unites us together!

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