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Dear Diary,

Today is my first day in this small town and am going to spend here the whole summer. The only thing that makes me feel good about this is that I am going to see my cousin Lesley (I haven’t seen here since the summer after the 7th grade) we were inseparable; I do hope we can recreate the bond.

Actually spending summer here wasn’t my first choice. It’s just that I am… grounded. I realize I am a little too mature for that (I am 21) but I still depend on my parents. So… I am going to get my first job. I feel a little weird about that since I’ve never worked before. It is a resort city and here must be a lot of places where I can work. Now I am at my aunt’s and on my way over here I saw a few restaurants that are hiring. I am thinking hostess. My mom wants me to work in the amusement park as a game attendant (she says it’ll help me to learn how to communicate with people, can you believe that?!) but it really freaks me out: a bunch of children running all over the park, a lot of noises and customers. I’ve seen people work in games, it is horrible! I remember once I watched that girl in a balloon-dart game, it was busy, she was a mess: trying to blow the balloons, hang them, take the money from customers and give them change. Meanwhile children were throwing darts trying to pop the balloons! I mean come on! It is dangerous.

Although a friend of mine who used to work there says it’s kind of fun, but I still don’t think it’s for me. There is one good thing about the park though – it is closed when it rains, because there are no customers. Why is it a good thing? I’ll tell you why. I don’t know how this town can possibly be a resort town, because it’s freezing here, it’s raining a lot, the wind from the Atlantic is unbearable, i almost died out there. I do hope the sun comes out tomorrow, otherwise I am not leaving the house!

Here are Lesley’s pictures on the table, one of them is of her and some guy, she’s got to tell me who it is, I hope he has a cute friend. This way this summer may actually turn out to be pretty good.

I came here like two hours ago and I am still shivering a little, I hope I didn’t get a cold. The climate here is humid, and believe it or not, I’ve seen clouds floating like a couple of feet over the ground! It smells like ocean here. I can’t wait to go and see it, and maybe even swim if it’s not too cold. I can actually see ocean from the window right now.

I guess I should get some sleep before Lesley comes back from her dancing class…

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