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The flow of time puts everything on its place. It had been decided long before the current age that men are strong and defending. They solve problems and take all the responsibilities for their families. But nevertheless, being so self-confident and stable, men, as any other human-beings, have the right for their own whims. So, let’s see what we have on the list of typical man’s follies;)

Tasty food. This is considered to be the main whim of our strong and brave. No matter what they say – they all love tasty food. The best woman for them is the one who can cook some interesting dishes and feed his appetite) But note, there’s no man who adores diet stuff. So, all those “green” salads and meat substitutes are not for them. All the food must be rich and nourishing.

Leadership. According to the statistics, absolutely all men are afraid of loosing their heading position. So, it’s very important to accept this whim and let your male partner feel he’s still a leader. It doesn’t matter if he’s not responsible for children, bills, if he’s not the person who makes more money in the family. He must feel he’s significant. If it is so, any man is likely to become a leader and make the life of his woman easier.

Strength and power. In the ancient times a a man was an earner, he was the responsible one. That’s why this power and all-mighty features run in his blood even now. The current situation is such: now women can make a larger income, which makes our men feel neglected and insignificant. Believe me, they all want to look stronger in the eyes of their beloved! So, don’t try to let him know you can fix all the stuff in your house yourself, let him feel he is a hero saving you from all household problems.

Intelligence. Some men feel a rough necessity in being cleverer than their partners. That’s why no woman needs to say philosophical and too clever things all the time. Let him feel you’re not so clever. It’s even necessary to pretend a bit foolish from time to time. It’s better to ask your partner of the meaning of “a tablet”, “media player” or “Windows” in order for him to feel a teacher. It really can make him feel better.

Compliments. Yes, exactly compliments!Not only women love to hear that they are pretty,nice, the best, the cleverest and so on. All men want to know and hear it too. This also has a kind of psychological implication: if a man is payed a compliment about one of his characteristics, he will surely be trying to carry this image further because he knows what he is praised for by his beloved woman!

Yes, working on a man’s personality is no less important than working on being a perfect woman. But the thing is that, men can even not admit having all those whims listed, but still they do have all those necessities and follies incarnate. And more than that, these whims deserve to be respected as they are what men need to have a comfortable life. They can live along with the woman’s caprices, so why won’t girls learn how to make their men feel at ease?;)

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