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The memories about college dorm life are polarized between two diametrically opposing groups: some people say it was the best time in their lives; others say it was a nightmare and prefer to bury these memories deep inside their hearts. If you are a freshman and don’t want to belong to the Group #2, check a couple of easy tips for how to survive in the dorm and get the best of your college years.

Get Along With Your Roommate

That’s absolutely crucial. Dorm life is all about compromising and tolerance, so make sure you act nice and friendly from the very first day. You have to put up with your neighbors even if they are complete jerks. Of course you don’t have to stay silent with your face bent to the earth without daring to lift your head and object when the dude you have to share your living space with wipes his boogers on the furniture or farts in the middle of the conversation. Just try to ignore your roommate’s minor shortcomings and nasty habits and remember that you have your own ones.

Set The Rules

That’s a fatal mistake that many freshmen make when live in the dorm. They try to be nice and sweet in order to establish good relationships and ensure their future comfortable living. The bad news is people may start considering you as a person who tries to play up to everyone. You don’t want people to use you, do you? Thus, don’t be afraid to set the rules at once. Talk to your roommate about the following points:

  • Chores

That’s very important if you don’t want your place to turn into a mess. The point is you are not at home anymore and mommy isn’t there to come and clean the room. The best idea is to do thorough cleaning weekly one after another and do some random vacuuming and dusting during the week. Sharing chores is a good idea too, but it would be a bit harder to set.

  • Having visitors

Be patient but tough. It’s not okay if your roommate throws wild parties every night, but you never know when you may need to ask him to go and wander around the campus while you’re having a date or something.

  • Decoration and furniture

Being far away from home is a challenge, so it’s quite natural that people try to customize their living space and make it as cozy as possible. Unfortunately, there is a risk that your new roommate suffers from the lack of taste. Try to talk to the fellow and explain that the posters of Norwegian doom metal musicians staring at you in the mornings scare you a little bit. It also counts for mother’s darlings who grab all their furniture and stuff to the place and leave no space for your own clothes.

  • Borrowing stuff

“Hey dude, I’m out of shampoo” – “Feel free to use mine!”. “Do you have some Coke? My bottle is empty” – “Sure, help yourself”. “Hey man, my pants are dirty, can I borrow yours for a party” – “Yep, no problem”. Sounds quite innocent, huh? But taking this complaisant way you may find yourself sitting alone in the room with dirty hair, thirsty and pantsless. It’s not about being scrooge, it’s about certain reasonable restrictions.

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