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As long as I remember myself, I have never been alone. In childhood I was surrounded with my family, school friends and a merry company of my elder sister. Then I moved to another city to study in the university and started to rent a flat together with my best friend. In a short time a new company of fellow students formed around me. After graduating I left for a bigger city to work, and did it together with my boyfriend this time. We lived together for a long while but then one wonderful (or may be miserable) day I understood that he is just not what I need and decided to break up with him. I did not realize the consequences of this decision before it came the morning when I found myself alone.

Day no.1. This day became the saddest one. There was nobody to wake me up in the morning, nobody to fight with for going to the shower first, nobody to cook breakfast or being fed with a burnt omelet prepared by me. The day at work was the same as usual, but the evening turned into something special. I realized that I have only a few friends in this city, that I spent all my spare time with my boyfriend, that I forgot all my hobbies and everything people can do being on their own. I returned home, watched some soap movie, and discovered that again there is nobody to discuss it with and went to bed.

After a week. You know, this all is not so bad. I started to communicate with my several friends and they introduced me to some of their friends and it seems that there are some people living in this city after all. I remembered that I used to learn foreign languages in some prehistoric period of my life and returned to this occupation with pleasure. I became interested in what is going on in the cultural life of the city, started to visit theaters, exhibitions and various art events. It seems that loneliness is not such a miserable thing.

After a month. Why I have waited for so long to start living this awesome life? There are so many interesting people around me, every evening is filled with some interesting events, now I make good progress in studying languages and even subscribe for attending course of Chinese. I have huge plans to visit all my friends from school and university. They live in different cities and even countries now and it will be an amazing adventure to visit them all. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is there is still nobody to eat my perfectly burnt omelet in the mornings…

After a year. Yes, it is still me, lonely and independent. I had a good promotion in carrier thanks to my excellent Chinese; my life is still full of interesting meetings, funny adventures and self-improvement. There is only one difference – now there is a smell of fresh croissants in my flat instead of burnt eggs. My new boyfriend is an excellent cook. But despite his presence in my life I still find some time to remember how it is to be on your own, in a positive sense, I mean.

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