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Sometimes being fit and beautiful is something that may seem impossible to achieve when actually all you need to do is think everything through and stick to the plan. You need to have ‘beauty education’ if you will.

It is: how to choose fashionable outfit that looks pretty and hides shortcomings. How to keep eating cakes and stay thin, in other words: how to be slim without major efforts.

Let’s start with what you should eat, or how you should eat. Although, actually, it is all about WHEN you should eat. We all know that a human body has its biorhythm and we should always remember about it and take it into account. This is why there is time for abstinence, there is time for salads and fruit and… there is time for cakes too 😉

Let’s start with breakfast. Actually, morning is time when you can eat anything you like. A busy day that is about to start will take all calories away. Actually, an upcoming day will take them away even if it is not so busy. So you should remember: you can eat your cake, or a salad with meat and mayo, but it has to be before noon. May it mean that you can eat fast food too? Well, we are talking about being skinny, if you want to be skinny and healthy, it’s better to refuse from fast food. If you just want to be skinny, go ahead, eat fast food before noon, I can’t guarantee your stomach is going to be fine though.

After noon your food has to contain fewer calories. And the closer a day is to a night, the fewer calories you should consume. You should take your last meal before 6 p.m. But it doesn’t mean you should eat a lot so you stay full until the morning. Your 6 p.m. meal should include something like a light salad or fruit and juice.

If you think “Ok, today I’ll go to bed late, maybe I can eat my last meal a little later too, it’ll digest before then” – it doesn’t work this way here. You can’t fool your body.Biorhythm, remember?

If you want to lose weight you are going to have to do some exercises too. It doesn’t mean you should spend hours in a gym like a bodybuilder, start with 5 minutes of exercises every day. Be gentle to your body, but be patient and strict too. Find online exercises you like: some for arms, some for legs and belly, do a little stretching. Then try to increase time you spend on exercises: from 5 min to 7 min, etc. Spend as much time working out it as you like. Just don’t forget to give your muscles a little exercise every day.

Now just a couple of words about what you may try to wear before you lose weight (to hide undesirable lbs.): high waist jeans and skirts, tight pantyhose that will hide your belly, and remember: don’t wear strappy clothes, straps will only make you seem bigger.

And good luck! 😉

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