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A certain number of people can’t cope with their illiteracy during the whole life. It is widely known that the most frequent mark in the Albert Einstein’s school dairy was “satisfactory”. The real reasons are the following. Modern psychologists suppose that he suffered from a dyslexia- a mental disorder connected with the underdevelopment of a certain brain areas leading to the inability to write and read correctly. Young Albert couldn’t speak properly and started pronouncing phrases and sentences too late so his mother considered him to be retarded. Later he got accustomed to repeat every his phrase once more very slowly. He had some problems with speech up to turning 9 years old. Despite being able to play the violin and having outstanding success in math Albert Einstein was a pupil with average skills. He couldn’t read fast and remember the most part of the text. The worst thing was collocating the words. His teacher of the Greek language didn’t believe his student will make a good career.

People suffering from this disorder mange to hide their inability to master the language today. The usually choose a job which is not connected with writing or reading and memorizing texts or just apply for the help of their friends, secretaries and speechwriters.

A child with dyslexia can be recognized by the guessing reading. Such pupil reads with numerous mistakes and end each phrase without looking on the page. It is difficult for him to point the line he is reading at the moment.

The handwriting of a dyslectic terrifies the school teacher turning the spell check into a nightmare. It is often “jumping” and uneven. Some children may also find it difficult to follow the lining, so their notes go up and down.

The low self-esteem leads to their potential abilities not to be supported and developed. These people tend to have a better understanding of abstract notions, learn drawing and painting way faster than the others and show better results in such fields as math or natural studies.

Ambidexters show surprisingly much difficulties in studying. Being supposed to possess some extra abilities by using both hands they lack coordination of their brain hemispheres functioning. The processes in various parts of their brain lack accordance and cause difficulties in fulfilling some types of tasks.

Being unable to write their own names correctly these children are capable of making a discovery or composing a musical masterpiece. The modern technologies can make it easier for then to study and give them an opportunity to enter the university. Later they commonly appear to have a better results in performing the scientific research which will make them successful specialists in the sphere of study they may choose.

Some famous people are known to have dyslexia which didn’t prevent them for ruling the government, starring in blockbusters or running social charity projects. The attitude towards them at school is similar to the lefties treating.

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