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In school and then in university we are required to memorize huge amounts of information some of which does not present to us any interest but should be remembered nevertheless according to the curriculum. As we can not turn our heads into computers with a great capacity of storing information, we should operate what we have – our brain, memory and the ability to improve these intellectual devices a little bit. For instance, you will be surprised at how easy our memorizing skills can be improved.

Let’s begin with some simple recommendations which are the easiest to observe. For instance, listen to music when you try to memorize something. The melodic background will help to create associative row and invoke the memory afterwards. Besides, when you need to learn and remember something new, change your breathing speed to a slower and deeper mode. It will help you to get prepared for receiving new information.

Another effective method to memorize things is using associations. If some data presents no interest to you, try to connect it with some other, more vivid images in your brain. Use your imagination to create the story about the figures of the phone number or of the components of protein, for instance. With practice you will find it quite easy to create a strong association at once.

Besides, you should understand what type of memory is better developed in you. There is visual memory which means that the process of memorizing takes place through watching the images or written text, and auditory memory, when it is easier to remember the outspoken information. A good way to combine these two methods of memorizing is to read the text aloud – in this case you will see information and hear it at the same time.

Another useful method to remember and understand new material is to teach someone else. Try to explain to some other person what you have just learned, paraphrase information and use simple words to make it understandable.

Such simple activities, as solving crossword puzzles, playing cards or scrabble and reading will also improve your memory. You can try the method of re-telling the plot of a book a few days after you have read it.

Finally, do not forget about observing the healthy life style. Follow the regime sleep and eating, avoid alcohol and drink green tea instead, include fish, vegetables and walnuts in your daily ration.

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