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Back to the 1990 we were playing absolutely different games and had other favors that completely differ from our today’s habits and customs. This post is a bit nostalgic and would be devoted to my favorite games that were popular at the time. It should be admitted that twenty years ago the games as well as the toys were very simple. But they would never be forgotten indeed.

One of my favorite games of the 1990s is definitely Tetris. This video game was developed by Russian engineer Alexey Pajitnov when he worked at the Computer Center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The game is simple indeed. The task is to compose geometric shapes moving slowly so to get a horizontal line without gaps. Next level means that the shapes move faster and faster. The game is captivating indeed even though there is nothing special about it. But in the 1990s I was ready to spend hours to play this puzzle video game.

Also at the time children were loved to entertain themselves with rainbow slinky spring. That’s really amazing but there is absolutely nothing about this toy. And once again the idea is very simple. It is a helical toy that could bounce up and down over and over. Strangely enough but this toy was designed in the 1940s but for me it is an attribute of the 1990s.

Later I got so called the Tamagotchi. It was also very popular in the late 1990s. The game imitates the principles of keeping a pet. But this time a pet is digital. So it is a small as the rule egg-shaped computer device that has three or four buttons. The task? Well, as it is a “pet” then you have look after it to avoid…its death. It is not surprising at all that the game was created in Japan. As far as I know they even keep robotized dogs. It wasn’t my obsession at all but anyway for me it is inseparably associated with the 1990s.

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