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Not many people could realize that the problems they have stem from inner problems. Many people are jealous not appreciating what they have. Then how to get over the problem? It turns out that it is not easy and takes much time to overcome it. Anyway it is possible to get over the problems you have. But please be patient.

As for me I’m sure that all the problems people may have stem from the lack of self loving and disrespect. Strangely enough but you may envy people only because you do not love yourself. You spend hours comparing yourself to others and thus destroying your personality. Common, you are unique!

Try to live in present not in the past. What done is done and it is impossible to change past events. Try to start from the scratch. Of course it is impossible to change absolutely everything. But you may change your attitude.

Try not to criticize yourself too much. It is good when people have an ability to criticize to improve and develop. But please not overdo criticizing what you have done. Successful people fail but they accept it as an experience that would teach them.

Try to treat others with love. I have noticed that there are many people who are ready to support when you need it but strangely enough not many are ready to rejoice at your happiness. They are just indifferent. So what about you?

Try to motivate yourself to develop and improve. They say dreams come true. Well, if you do something. Nothing happens by accidence. If you want to get something no matter what it can be you have to work.

All the tips I gave you seem to be pretty simple but in reality it turns out that it is not that easy to start love yourself. Be yourself as you are and trust your feelings. One day many things would change if you try to change something right now. Good luck!

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