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If you have even the smallest opportunity to avoid traveling with a baby use it. The specialists in pediatrics suppose that it would be better not to travel with a child under three years at the distance farther than several kilometers. The children under five years old shouldn’t be brought to the countries with the climate which is different from the one typical of their birthplace. There are a lot of reasons to be that careful. The vestibular system of a young child’s brain is still underdeveloped and can be damaged if he experiences the influence of acceleration factors in a plane. The sudden change of a place may be a cause of distress and have the negative effects an the child’s mind. The new food and different chemical content of water may cause the indigestion which is not a rare thing young kids suffer from at home as well.

But if there still is the necessity to travel try to make it as comfortable for your baby or toddler as possible. Think over all the possible problems beforehand.

  • Is it necessary to visit a pediatrician together with your child before the trip. The specialist will examine the child and gives you a piece of advice whet medicines to carry with you and what preventive measures to take in order to avoid the danger of a sudden illness.
  • Take all the necessary documents of your child.
  • If you travel without men don’t take the extra luggage items with you. Take only the necessary things. Use a backpack. In that way you will free both your hands. Ask to send some extra items to your destination address if required.
  • If you travel with a baby take the enough amount of wet antiseptic wipes and napkins. It is sensible to look up on the internet the location of baby care rooms in all the points of your route. Care about the additional services. Make it clear where are the playing rooms situated if you travel with a toddler. It will be good if you find a child care room where the beds for the children under five are provided.

  • Don’t take too much food with you. Choose packed ready-made products or the food which has longer shelf life. Baby nutritional mixes in cans, mineral water, a couple of juice cartons and an apple will be enough. It’s better to buy fresh food in the airport than wondering if you still can eat your homemade meal or not.
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