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I have faced pretty unpleasant situation. Not long ago I found just a perfect job. It seems like I have been dreaming about it for a long period of time. I like absolutely everything about this job. I'm captivated by it and I'm ready to spend all day long performing tasks. But nothing is perfect. The secretary of our boss is very difficult person. She is extremely attractive and very stubborn young lady without good manners. Her name is Jessica. She is very reluctant and really lazy person. The most terrible thing about the situation is that Jessica has an affair with our boss. Well, it is really not very nice. So our boss is just okay she is arrogant and doesn't do her work properly. Of course they hide their relationship but they are not very successful. Well, the whole office knows that they are dating secretly. In fact Jessica acts like this because she knows that the boss will protect her. It is obvious.

Of course I do not mind their relationship, it is just none of my business. Several weeks ago I had an argument with Jessica. I asked her to give some documents to the boss. It was extremely important. Jessica didn't do it. At the end it turned out that it was my fault. Jessica told that I brought the documents quite late. She lied. I failed to explain to my boss anything. He didn't want to listen to me. It was a failure. I tried to persuade him it wasn't my fault. It seems like it just destroyed my reputation. Previously my boss was very loyal to me. After that case he just changed his opinion. He became very indifferent to my offers and ideas. It is so unfair! What should I do to improve the situation? I really do not want to lose this position!